Areas of Expertise

We are experts at finding resolutions in the following areas for our clients.
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Divorce Law Fairfax

Divorce Law in Fairfax County can be difficult to navigate.  But with our extensive years and years of experience, you will have a tough and well-respected advocate on your side!

When going to court is the best course we are there... When mediation is the best course, we are there... and when direct negotiations are the best course, we are there to help you every step of the way!

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Child Custody & Visitation

Even in a time when most people are doing what they think is best for the kids, divorce will find a way to trickle down to the kids.

Finding a suitable solution where the kids best interest is truly priority number one is what we do.

We know divorces are not always about the adults - make sure it affects the kids as little as possible.

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Child Support & Spousal Support

All to often the hardest part of the divorce is just about money.  Your formal marital partner's counsel will be aggressively seeking to reduce their exposure to the financial side of your divorce.

You need to have someone on your side who is not intimidated.   Someone who carries respect among his peers.  Someone with the braun to help make the other side be reasonable and do what is right, not what is right for THEM!

We want to hear from you and determine what YOU want, whats best for you - not the other side!

Asset Division & Property Law

This is a very tricky and potentially disastrous part of any divorce.

Don't get stuck in a situation where you are not happy.  With us, you'll have our many years of experience to help you.  These decisions will affect you and your children for years to come.

Get it right the FIRST time!

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When things seem hopeless or if you are looking for a less expensive way to divide your assets, determine child support or custody - sometimes the best way to go is through meditation.

We have the experience to know what is coming at us when we represent you.  We are always searching for a way to lessen the cost to our clients.  Mediation can be a good alternative and a money saver.

Ask us if that would be the best in your situation.

Wills and Last Testaments

As part of any divorce, wills, and testaments come into play.  You may not have thought about this yet but we have!  Leaving no stone unturned is what we do.

Your assets should go to your heirs and not your ex-spouse.  This can be a tricky minefield if not well thought out.

Contact us so we can show you how best to protect your's and your heir's best interest.